Both during your Bachelor and your master you have to do internships. You can do these internships internally at a research department of the Radboud university and the Radboud UMC. However, it is also possible to do your internship externally at a different university or even at a company of your choosing. Below you can find several vacancies for internships:

  • Internship at Ceradis
    Ceradis is a small spin-off company of the WUR (Wageningen University & Research), which has its headquarters in Wageningen. Ceradis develops and sells innovative and environmental friendly solutions for plant nutrition and crop protection. Ceradis also offers formulating services to create safer foods.
  • Internship at Eurofins AquaSense
    The goal of this student project is to assess the algal cover at different sample sites, and to determine what effect sand extraction has on the development and recovery of micro algae. The results of this project will be combined with the benthic fauna analyses and the sediment characteristics to provide a full assessment of the impacts of disturbance caused by sand extraction. More information about the internship can be found here.

The education committee of BeeVee (ABO) maintains an internship manual, this can be viewed below.

Institute of Biosciences internships

You can also find all the internships currently open at the Radboud institute of Biosciences here.
The institute of Biosciences is of course the institute of the faculty of science of the Radboud university concerning everything related to the biology studies.

ABO's Internship Manual

Looking for an internship, but don’t know where to start? ABO provided an overview of different internship experiences. There is a subdivision in internal and external internships, where the external internships are outside of Nijmegen, and each subdivision covers multiple departments. These can be found below.

Did you already finish your bachelor internship, then you can help us to extend the internship manual with your own experience and fill in this form.

You can find more information in the prospectus or at the Career Service Science (CSS) about internships:
Prospectus Bachelor
Prospectus Master Biology
Prospectus Master Medical Biology
Career Service Science

Internal External
Animal ecology and Physiology Artis micropia: Microbiology
Biophysics B-ware: Ecology
Donders institute Elisabeth - Twee Steden Hospital Tilburg: Neurosurgery
Geriatrics Netherlands Institute for Ecological Research (NIOO-KNAW): Terrestrial ecology 
Microbiology University of Copenhagen and Hvidovre Hospital: Immunology and Microbiology 
Molecular developmental biology  
Translational metabolic laboratorium RadboudUMC  
All internship opportunities at the Institute of Biosciences