Faculty student bodies


The Faculty of Science is located in the Huygens building. The iconic green building on the campus of the Radboud University is the home to the beta faculty and its study programmes, associations, research departments, and other connected institutes. The Huygens building consists of four wings, connected to each other by one main street, and is meant as a flexible learning-, study-, and  research environment to stimulate the integration and contact between students and employees.

Contact details Huygens building
Heyendaalseweg 135
6525 AJ, Nijmegen
Telephone number: 024-36 52 661

Study associations Faculty of Science

Apart from Biology, the Faculty of Science also offers other beta study programmes. Similarly to Biology, every study programme has its own study association dedicated to its students and the quality of their programme. The Huygens Building houses five of the seven different beta assocations: BeeVee (Biology), DESDA (Mathematics), Leonardo da Vinci (Natural Sciences and Science), Marie Curie (Physics and Astronomy), and Sigma (Molecular Sciences cluster). The sixth and seventh associations are CognAC (Artificial Intelligence), housed in the Spinoza building on the Radboud campus, and Thalia (Computer Science and Information Science), housed in Mercator 1 on the Radboud campus.


Olympus is the umbrella association of the study associations of the faculty of science of Radboud University. They represent the interests of our members and those of the students from the faculty. Besides that, Olympus brings students from different studies closer together with several large activities.

For the students, Olympus is most recognisable as the people that run the student canteens. These canteens are normally visited daily by two to three hundred students, using them to relax, lunch or study. During the pandemic, the canteens were unfortunately closed, but you can now visit them again in wing 5!

The different committees of Olympus organise a variety of activities throughout the year.

If you are interested in joining one of the committees, don't hesitate to send them an e-mail!


Every faculty has a participation organ that deals with the topics that concern students on the faculty level. They act as an umbrella organ for the programme committees by organising regular meetings with all of them, have consent rights on important decisions the faculty board makes, and are involved in many other decision making processes in our faculty. On top of that, the FSC can start their own initiatives and amplifies the students' opinions, both in order to contribute to maintaining our faculty as a place where all students can feel at home. Whenever something comes to your mind that you would like to see changed at our faculty, the FSC are the ones to contact! Do not hesitate to contact them for ideas or complaints about the facilities, education, or any other matter. You can find more information about the FSC on their web page, instagram (@fsc_science_ru) or facebook. You can contact the FSC by sending an e-mail to fsc@science.ru.nl. Does being part of the FSC sound fun to you? Every year, a new FSC is elected. You can send an e-mail to the FSC for more information.