Reviews day with an alumnus

"During the first semester of my master in Water and Environment I talked to two alumni via BeeVee's Alumni Committee project: Job Experience. Due to the pandemic, I unfortunately was not able to join them on their workday. However, BeeVee made it possible that I could meet them online and ask them everything I wanted to know about their job. The first meeting was with a spatial planner working at BEECKK Ruimtemakers, while the second one was with a former employee at the environmental consultancy Arcadis. It was really interesting to hear about their daily work, the things they like and do not like about their jobs. It was inspiring to see how they got from a study at Radboud University to working at their current companies. These meetings were very helpful in better defining my choice for my second master internship."


"In the second year of the Bachelor (Medical) Biology, I joined two alumni on their workday via BeeVee's Alumni Committee project "Job Experience". One day, I joined a (medical) biology teacher at a ROC in Boxmeer, and the other day, I joined a biology teacher and team leader at a high school in Wijchen. The alumni were very enthusiastic to show me around and to tell about their study career and current job. These days were very helpful in making a decision between all the different study and career options and I enjoyed it a lot."


"We had a wonderfull day at MSD. The alumnus showed us such a wide variety of tasks regarding the Implanon. We spoke with people from the production part, the packaging, the recruitment and some other people. We even had the chance to have a look in the factory as the picture already might suggested! It really gave an insight in how you could end up in such a big company when you are graduated from Biology!"