Goal: Bringing attention to biology in the Netherlands.
The Dutch institute for Biology, in Dutch "Nederlands Instituut voor Biologie" (NIBI), is the career association with over 5000 professionals in the biology and life sciences. NIBI is an active, professional association with a clear goal: Bringing attention to biology in the Netherlands! NIBI wants to reach this goal with the following proceedings.

Main Points


  1. shows the importance of biology
  2. is the driving force in the biologic network
  3. connects biologist with companies
  4. ensures continuity in biology
  5. is committed to ensure meaningfull education in biology
  6. works on the development of biological concepts for everyone

Importance of biology
NIBI is convinced that biological knowledge is important in society. Biological knowledge is, for example, paramount for discovering new clean manners for foodproduction, producing safe food, discovering solutions for healthcare and realisation of a viable planet for future generations. NIBI pleads for a solid investment in fundamental research and attention for its applications. 

Strong membership network
NIBI operates as a lobbyist for the members, is the representative of biology, and acts as a source of information. NIBI achieves this with knowledge in research, education, the job market, journalistic quality and a unique member network.

Connecting biologist and companies
NIBI contributes to biology-based business activities in the Netherlands. NIBI tries to achieve this goal connecting all the players in Biology. NIBI realises effective networks of NIBI members, links companies and institutes and supply and demand to each other, optimises the linkin between education and the job market, promotes contact between science and business and between professionals and emerging new talent in secondary education. NIBI also communicates to the bigger audience. NIBI publishes the Study special Biology. Annually, NIBI conducts research on the prospects of biologist in the job market within a year after graduation and research among employers.

Keeping up with Biology.
NIBI ensures that not only its members stay up to date, but also ensures that companies and education stay up to date in biology. This is being achieved by publishing the newspaper ‘’Bionieuws’’, and by providing online content (Bionieuws and Biologie Plus). In addition, NIBI annually organizes large-scale education conferences for primary and secondary education and NIBI provides a wide range of training courses at the NIBI Academy. NIBI ensures that researchers, entrepreneurs, teachers and other professionals keep up to date within the rapidly developing biology.

Meaningful biology education
NIBI is committed to relevant, up to date and coherent biology education from primary school to university and more attention and time for biology classes. NIBI also ensures the professionalisation of teachers through conferences and training. NIBI provides good teaching material in biology and nature, science and technology. NIBI points out that more and more organisations work with biological knowledge; investing in biology education is necessary to meet the future need for well-trained biologists.

Biology for everybody.
Because everyone is faced with decisions about health, nutrition and sustainability every day, NIBI wants everyone to develop sufficient biological knowledge to take informed decisions in the role of parent, consumer, patient, politician or director. NIBI makes biological knowledge accessible via online channels (Biologie Plus) and in 2017 in the Week of Biology  in a lot of places in the Netherlands.

Become a member of NIBI! For only € 20, - per year you stay up to date with all the latest news in biology. You will receive 'Bionieuws' every two weeks and you can participate in training courses such as 'Marketing & Sales for Biologists' and 'Presenting'. Bionieuws is only written in Dutch. You can also contact NIBI for advice when you are searching for a job.

Come to the boardroam and get a form there! Then the 'Bionieuws' will be at your doorstep in no time and you can use all the comforts that NIBI offers!