Biology in the Netherlands

As a biology student in Nijmegen you spend a lot of time in Nijmegen, luckily there is so much to do in Nijmegen (with or without BeeVee).  But there are many more places you can go as a biology student, for example LOBS, NIBI or other study associations of Biology in the rest of the Netherlands.

The National Committee for Biology Students, in Dutch Landelijk Overleg Biologie Studenten (LOBS), is a group of biology students from all the Dutch universities. The goal of LOBS is to serve the interests of all the biology students by means of a monthly meeting where the problems and developments of all the universities are discussed.
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The Dutch instutute for Biology, in Dutch Nederlands Instituut voor Biologie (NIBI), has a very clear goal: Bringing attention to biology in the Netherlands!
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Study associations Biology in the Netherlands
Here below is a list with the different study associations of the study Biology in the Netherlands:

Wageningse biologenvereniging Biologica
Utrechtse Biologen Vereniging
Congo, Universiteit van Amsterdam
Gyrinus Natans, Vrije Universiteit
Leidse Biologen Club
Groninger Levenswetenschappenvereniging Idun
M.B.V. Mebiose Utrecht