Alumni Committee

Welcome alumnus! Even now, after your graduation, you have a big role in the student organization BeeVee. We, the Alumni committee (Ac), organize activities for alumni as well as students, so you can participate in fun and educational activities! In this way you can be of very much help for students.

Ac organizes multiple fun activities every year during which you can affiliate yourself with other alumni, as well as with students. The aim is to create the bridge between you and the students. You get the chance to share experiences with other alumni and students. And in addition to this, you reacquaint yourself with your student life

The activities range from creative workshops to excursions, so keep an eye out for our next activity and participate! To stay up to date, sign up for our newsletter by sending a mail to

Besides the regular activities we also offer study guidance for Biology students in the form of ‘Job Experience’! You, the alumnus, guide a student and show what your job entails. If you are interested in guiding students around, sign up now!

Mae McGinley Smith
Student members
Zander Geerman
Lutz Tebbe
Daniela Donoshaite
Alumni members
Barend Mijzen
Nicole Bisschops