BeeVee song

The BeeVee Song
On the melody of Moskau by Dschinghis Khan

Green and medical
Together we are strong
Nothing but fun

We are biologists
United in eighty-five
Together we thrive

Party hey hey hey raise your glasses
Nijmegen ha ha ha you're our town
Party hey hey hey Auf das leben
Drink your beer, brother hey sister ho

BeeVee, BeeVee we study Biology,
what you get is what you see,
hahahahaha, hey
BeeVee BeeVee fourteen FACs that recreate,
and the board that operates
hahahahaha, hey
BeeVee, BeeVee, biologists in heart and soul,
pure (green) blood runs through us all,
hahahahaha, hey
BeeVee, BeeVee, everyone is welcome here
come and join and grab a beer