Hello wonderful yaks! We Sabien, Liz, and Kuba will be your lovely mentors this orientation week. Here is a little bit about us 

Hello my dear Yaks, my name is Liz and I’ll be 21 during the orientation. I’ll be entering my third (and final) year of my bachelor, within the ecology trajectory. I come from the far away land of Canada, which means I am obligated to say “it’s not actually that cold” when someone complains.  I enjoy knitting, baking, and doing crosswords (grandparent activities), eating soup, and drinking lemonade.  If you hear any of my fellow yak mentors mention that studied 1 year of computer science, just ignore them. I am an active member of Symci (like Sabien) and ABO, the education committee of BeeVee. I am very much looking forward to meeting all of you and having a fun week together!

Me dear Yak calves, my name is Kuba and I’ll be your old and graying yak mentor (being 23 and all that). I’ll be in my fourth year of bio in the Human Biology trajectory. I am originally from Poland so, me enjoying drinking and all of the activities associated with it is a given. But I still have that nerd spirit in me. I enjoy reading books, playing board games and dancing to some music in my kitchen when nobody is watching. I’m also a member of Fc which is the party committee so hopefully we will see each other at some parties during the year. Excited to see you all!

Hello everyone, my name is Sabien and I’ll be 20 during your introduction week! I’m Dutch and I’m from Middelburg in Zeeland. I will also be in my fourth year of my Bachelor and am currently following the Neurobiology trajectory. In my free time, I play hockey at the local student association called Apeliotes here, go to lots of concerts, enjoy a few drinks and festivals with friends. I am also an active member of BeeVee, being a chair of Symci previous year. Super excited for this week! <3