Goodday to our dearest Iguana eggs!! It is almost time to hatch and become our little Iguanas during the awesomest intro of 2024. We are your three very excited parents to be, Jeannette, Benthe and Niels who will take care of you as you discover the city of Nijmegen, the Biology program and your fellow Biologists. This will be a time you’ll never forget.

Ho Ho Ho Iguanitos, I am Niels your one and only introweek Daddy. I have promoted my last year’s orientation siblings to my wives because I have that power. Although my family is Dutch, I was born and raised in the beautiful country of Hungary just outside Budapest and only moved to the Netherlands 2 years ago for uni. I have always been quite sporty, playing football for most of my life but also enjoying squash, skiing, swimming, chess... anything really – which is why I am part of ATP, the sports committee. I am a big fan of nature, I think nature is great, plants in particular spark my interest which is why I am a green biologist. So, to combine those two facts about me: I love being active outdoors, you can always hit me up for a hike but also any other sport of your liking.

Helloo gorgeous Iguanas, I am Jeannette a second-year biology student from a beautiful Dutch town called Groesbeek, or 'Gruusbèk', next to Nijmegen. I'm 19 years old and I like drawing and painting, sports; especially playing volleyball (or wrestling when I’m drunk apparently), movies, books, a good party and learning new things: there is probably nothing that doesn’t interest me, so don't hesitate to share your hobbies and interests with me, I would love to hear about them! I haven't figured out what kind of biologist I want to become, medical, green or something in between, but I do really love the outdoors and I have always liked plants, animals and climbing trees (so I guess probably green :D). I'm an active member in BeeVee, having joined two committees: the First Years Committee and the best committee of all, VACUOLES! I am excited to share a great orientation week with all of you, just like I had a great one last year with my wonderful siblings Niels and Benthe. See you guys soon! 

Hiha hatchlings welcome, it’s time to leave your eggs! It’s me Benthe one of your parents a.k.a mentor during this amazing orientation week. I am a second year biologist and I come from Zwolle, a beautiful star-shaped city in the north-east/middle of the Netherlands. 
I love making adventures, so dancing, singing, randomly booking a flight, springing in canals drunk. Hit me up if you have something crazy in mind! As it is now summer, I also love hanging out at a terrace with friends, swimming, picnicking, yeah basically everything outside so I can photosynthesize. Also by the way while taking some pictures of plants, animals, friends, if I have time. I see myself more as a Medical Biologist, probs neurobiology, so if you have any questions about that hit me up! Before I forget to say I am chair of the BeeVee committee: FirstYearsCommittee!! So join next year, because I’ll probs become supervisor and it is super fun ofcourse. I am super excited to spend this coming week with my lovely sister and brother and ofcourse with you guys, let’s have an amazing time!! See you soon, joejoe, much love, Benthe <3

Yours sincerely,
Jeannette, Benthe and Niels