Hello our beloved Barnacles! If you see this page you are in the best intro group of all: the Barnacles. It may not sound as much but these rock-like animals are very sturdy and another fun fact, they have the biggest penis-to-body size ratio of all animals (just to put it out there haha). All kidding aside we are super excited to be your intro parents for this amazing and unforgettable week. We will discover the city of Nijmegen, meet fellow Biologists and of course have fun at all the activities. Now let us introduce ourselves:

Haii!! I am Jet, a second-year biology student at the Radboud university of Nijmegen. I am 21 years old, born and raised in Oss (some of you may know haha…) and very excited to meet you all! I love taking long walks in the sun and playing sports (especially going to the gym and hockey). I like cooking a lot and I became a member of GASTRO in BeeVee, our study association! BeeVee is super fun for Dutch and Itnernational students, since they organize a lot of activities that fit everyone’s hobbies or interests. They organize movie nights, and hikes, game nights and theme parties. It really has something for everyone! I can’t wait to meet you, dear barnacle! I hope to see you at the intro week so we can make some fun memories

Heya!!! I am Gijs and if you couldn't guess from the nature of my name, I am a real dutchie! Speaking of nature, I love being in it! Long hikes, bike rides, even daring to go on runs at times (when im feeling exceptionally energized). Now obviously the weather, especially here in the Netherlands, isn't always that great. So when the weather is down I usually spend my time playing videogames, watching movies, and reading. If there's time left after all of this, and if im not doing these things together in the first place, I love spending time with friends over drinks, playing board games or sharing dinner. I am always down for a party, and armed with a terrible sense of humour and lots of sarcasm, ready to take on the intro with my fellow crustaceans! This week will be an amazing experience. Unforgettable memories (except if you drink too much) and hopefully friendships which can last beyond your studies will be created here. Until then, my fellow rock-like animals!

Heyheyy! My name is Eline and I’am am your second mom! I am a second-year biologist from Bathmen (a very small town somewhere in the east of the Netherlands). I am 19 years old and 1 of my favourite things to do is going on a long walk or bike ride through nature and sing (scream) my lungs out. Well… I also love doing that when going out (you will see/hear). Some more things I like doing is playing games, and getting way too invested in different series on Netflix.  When I am not doing those things I like to go to the beevee activities or hanging out with friends over a good meal or self made cocktails. I am really looking forward to be your into mom and making this week as amazing as it can be full with laughs, partying but most of all just having fun and creating memories to never forget! Again, I can’t wait to meet you all and on behalf of your other intro parents I will say: be safe and see you soon xxx

Hugs and kisses,
Jet, Gijs and Eline