Hello our lovely intro kiddos!!! This year’s theme is animals and we are the greatest animal AXOLOTL! We are Zuzka, Ivo and Nienke and we will be your intro parents for this amazing week. We will help you prepare for the start of your study and all that come with it. Now let’s introduce ourselves!

Hiii mini-Axolotls! I’m Zuzka and I’m 21 years old. This year I’ll be starting my second year of biology studies. I’m from Czech Republic, the beautiful country of beer and wine and I can’t wait to bore you with my booze fun facts. I’m also a part of BOS, which is the study trip committee of our biology association. Sports, drinks and traveling are my favorite pastimes. And I probably won’t shut up about me vising Italy. Also, for all the internationals, if you have any problems with navigating the Dutch system and making yourself at home, don’t hesitate to text me!

Helloo dear biologists-to be, my name is Ivo, and I am 19 years young and a second-year biologist. I am from a small town called Gemert, which is near Eindhoven and in the beautiful Brabant. I am also an active member at the BeeVee, the study association of Biology, as a member of SPIn and ATP. In my spare time I like to go to the gym or go out with friends and drink beers :). I'm very excited to meet all of you and am looking forward to having an amazing week!

Hii peoplezz! I’m Nienke, 19 years old and this year I’ll be a second-year biologist. I’m Dutch, from a small place called Gemert (somewhere in Brabant, near Eindhoven) just like your other mentor Ivo. I like to go to the gym and I play football (also enjoy watching it). Other than trying to be somewhat healthy I love to hang out with my friends, have some drinks or going out partying. I’m a member of a committee in BeeVee, which is the bio study association, called PRAC that organises borrels. I can’t wait to meet you all and I’m very excited to have an amazing week with you!!

We can’t wait to meet you all at the start of the orientation week. We will guide you towards a new chapter in your life. It will be a week full of fun and parties, so we hope to see you all soon and enjoy the best week of your uni life all together!!!

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