Main sponsors

BeeVee has 5 main sponsors currently, those being K.O. company, Dekker van der Vegt, Rijk Zwaan, Seed Valley and Dressme.Of these companies K.O. company, Rijk Zwaan and Dekker van der Vegt are our Headsponsors. These sponsors are the main representatives within BeeVee. K.O. company is a hospitality company having a wide range of bars, clubs and restaurants at their disposal. Dekker van der Vegt, our studybook supplier. Rijk Zwaan is a vegetable breeding company, developing new vegetable varieties. Seed Valley is a center for plant breeding and seed technology related companies. DressMe is a clothing printing company and BeeVee’s preferred supplies of merchandise and custom printed clothing. In the tabs is more information about each sponsor. If you have any questions about each sponsor, please contact me via or use the contact form under External Parties. 


Sterre Daas

Ex Commissioner External Relations