In order to support the 39th board, the sponsor committee SPONS was created during the change GMM of 2024. The SPONS fulfils all the tasks that normally are done by the cer. The committee's main activity is making sure that enough money goes into the pockets of BeeVee, that then can be used for all the expenses for all the fun and amazing activities. The members contact companies to see if they want to collaborate with BeeVee. Companies can place an advertisement on the site, in the newsletter, MOTjE et Al., or on one of our other platforms. The companies can also give a lecture or even organise a trip. The members also write the monthly master channel and keep in contact with the bar for the weekly Biologist evenings.

The committee members consist of board members of the 38th board, the 39th board, a representative from BOC and a representative of ATP. 

Fernanda Ormel

Siene van Lier
Sterre Daas
Krista Estrada
Noah Terhoeve
Jesse van Lon
Pim Hendriks
Lars de Bont

The SPONS can be contacted via spons.beevee@gmail.com or spons_beevee@science.ru.nl