Internal Relations

Internal Relations (IR) is a group that consists of the chairmen of the 14 committees of BeeVee, as wel as the two cirs and a representative of Olympus. IR hold a meeting every other week, where these chairmen, the cirs and the representative of Olympus come together. During this meeting, things like problems within committees, questions about activities and evaluations are discussed. Also, every committee has the chance to agree on a date for their activity. This means that the activity-calendar of BeeVee is planned here!
Currently, these are the members of IR:

ABO Nele Borowski
Ac Mae McGinley Smith
ATP Niels Brouwers 
BOC OOOdilia von Bayern
BOS Alice van Daal
DIAFRAGMA Astrid Moosmüller
Fc Zsofia Turk
FYC Benthe Hop
Kultuur Vlada Kaplunova
MOTjE et Al. Maria Gil Soto
PRAC Rosa Zieck
SPIn Pedro Alonso Gonzalez
Symci Sabien Suy
VACUOLES Noémie Burgers
Olympus Hazal Dogan
Cir Ari Weinmiller