08th board piece

The 8th board year was actually the year after the fifth anniversary of BeeVee. Under the inspiring leadership of Jean-Paul Raemakers we had been working for at least a year to celebrate this anniverary fantastically with all kinds of splendid activities and a smashing party in Fort Lent!

The 7th board was also the last board year of the legendary board members Roel op den Camp, Jean-Paul Raemakers and Wyboud Stijns. They had reached their maximum of three board years. In order to bring some continuity into the 8th Board, Roel and Jean-Paul asked me to become the new chairman. All the other board member turned out to be new that year.

After the festive jubilee year, the eighth board focused on improving our services and internal processes. A bit of a dull year perhaps, but fortunately the OV-studentenkaart brought a new impulse to the cooperation with the biologists' associations of the other universities. Amsterdam, Groningen, Leiden, Utrecht, whenever a biologists' party was organized, the hard core of the 8th board paid an official visit. And so the 8th board year also became a festive one!

Written by Simon Ponten