This page contains information about the members of the 38th board of BeeVee and their duties. If you want to view the house rules and the articles of association of BeeVee follow this link or stop by the board room (HG00.524) between 12:30 h and 13:00 h from Monday until Friday, and ask the board. Of course you can always approach a board member and you can send an e-mail to with any questions or remarks.  

The 39th board of BeeVee

From left to right: Ari Weinmiller, Michiel van Schie, Edyta Kurowska, Noah Terhoeve, Jesse van Lon

Distribution of functions

Chairman Edyta Kurowska
Secretary Michiel van Schie
Treasurer Noah Terhoeve
Commisioner internal relations Ari Weinmiller
General board member Jesse van Lon

Description of board functions

For a description of the general duties of the board, a description of all the board functions and the function specific email adresses, follow this link.

Do you want to get to know the individual board members better? Read their personal messages here below:

Hello fellow members, 

My name is Edyta and I am the chair this year! My hobbies include reading books, watching Netflix, horse riding and hanging out with my friends! You can find me at any BeeVee activity, Biologist's Evenings every Thursday and occasionally at TKB ;) Feel free to ask me any questions through or feel free to approach me anytime (unless I'm napping) 


Hello everyone,

I am Michiel (not Machiel) van Schie and I am 21 years old. I am a third years biologist and one of the only students in the trajectory of functional genomics. I do a lot of different sports: I do skateboarding, freerunning, and I enjoy taking walks and participating in the Nijmeegse vierdaagse! Next to this I am a volunteer for scouting and I have a background in the army.

If you have any questions about me or the board, or if you want to have a drink you can send a mail to Don’t hesitate to come by the board room OR biologist evenings!


My name is Noah Terhoeve and I will be your treasurer this year! I am 20 years old and a third year biologist following the human biology trajectory. Even though I was never interested in working with numbers in high school, I will try to make sure BeeVee won’t go bankrupt. If I am able to get some free time next to being a treasurer, I will be active in VACUOLES! I also like joining activities of other committees, so you might see me there. Besides being active in BeeVee I also like to hang on the couch and watch some Netflix.

I am really excited about coming year and meeting new people. If you have any questions for me, don’t hesitate to contact me via

Hey everyone!

I'm Ari Weinmiller and I'll be your one and only CIR this year. While I don't usually get guessed this I am in fact 19 and I'm currently a first year bachelor student. This year I'm part of the FYC but I'll see which committee I'll end up in next year. In the rare free time I have beside my study and board I love to read, start another random art project go, on a walk or just hang out with my friends.  

You can reach me through the email  for any questions, comments, concerns or just for fun. 

Hello peoplezzz

I am Jesse van Lon, a first-year bachelor's student. I will be your general board member for this year woohoo!  I am also a very happy PRAC member and I like to join as many of the activities as I can, especially the borrels (of course). I am very excited to join the board and I am looking forward to the coming year a lot.
Although I am a bit sad because maybe because of board I won’t get to travel as much as I would like. Besides travelling do I enjoy football a lot, both playing and watching.
If you have any questions or anything to say really please contact me at or shout at me when you see me.


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