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Personal information

Statement of personal information

Study association BeeVee has made this document to clarify what the personal information that BeeVee collects is being used for. The association is aware that this is confidential information and the association will use this information in a responsible way to guarantee your privacy. When you become a member of BeeVee, you must agree to the terms stated in this document. If you do not agree with these terms, you will not be able to become a member of BeeVee. Personal information can always be examined via the secretary. Changes in personal information can also be forwarded to the secretary. The board of BeeVee will be the only ones that can access personal information, unless indicated otherwise in this document. In addition, you can always file a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority (Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens) if you believe that BeeVee has acted incorrectly while processing your personal information.


Collection and processing of personal data:

BeeVee collects and processes the following personal information with the following purposes:

  • The first- and last name are collected to distinguish between different members of BeeVee.
  • The date of birth is registered to congratulate members with their birthday, and to maintain a list of minors, on which under-age members of BeeVee are listed to be able to keep minors from drinking alcohol.
  • The s-numbers are collected for the appliance of grants. Therefore, this number will be shared with the Radboud Universiteit and the Radboud Fonds.
  • A passport photo is used to create a (digital) BeeVee-pass for members of BeeVee. These photos will also be used for the list of minors mentioned in the section 'date of birth'. Furthermore, a passport photo is used for the production of the ‘smoelenboek’ that will be handed out to all the participants of the introduction ‘biowetenschappen’ (future first-years, mentors, BOC (the introduction committee of BeeVee and the photo- and film committee members) after the introduction. To this end, a passport photo will be shared with the members of BOC who produce the ‘smoelenboek´. Lastly, a passport photo can be used for the cohorts list that will be included in the Almanak produced by MOTjE et Al. To this end, a passport photo will be shared with the members of MOTjE et Al. who produce the Almanak.
  • The mail address is registered to keep in touch with members. This includes, among others, the weekly newsletter, the MOTjE, invitations for events, updates from the board and other cases in which quick communication with the members is desirable
  • During activities of BeeVee, and Beevee-related activities, photo and video material is collected to provide members with a recap of said activities. This material is predominantly collected and processed by the photo and film committee of BeeVee. Photos are published on the website, behind a login, and solely available to members of the association or a third party if the board allows the third party to view the photos. Photos can also be used for the newsletter, social media and the Almanak. When you do not want your picture taken you can inform the photographer. If the picture has already been placed on the website of BeeVee or on social media it is possible to report it via a mail address specified on the website of BeeVee and the picture will be removed. It is possible for ex-members to request pictures when they are visible on the picture themselves.
  • Videos are published on YouTube and are solely accessible to people in possession of the link to these videos. These links are published on the website of BeeVee and in the newsletter. Videos can also be used on social media for promotional purposed. (ex-) Members that are visible can always request these to be deleted. They can also be shared with BeeVee-related private Facebookgroups. Photo and video material that is produced during the introduction period will be processed and used for the production of the intro movie for the first-year biology students, the mentors, BOC members and DIAFRAGMA members to make sure that they will have a remembrance to the introduction period.
  • The starting year of the study biology at the Radboud University Nijmegen will be registered to make sure that members will have a possible discount on their membership, if they decide to become a member, or renew their membership later in their study. Besides this, the starting year will be registered for the production of the cohorts list in the by MOTjE et Al. produced Almanak. The information will therefore be shared with the members of MOTjE et Al. that produce the Almanak. The starting year could also be used for statistical analysis regarding the number of members.
  • The address (street, house number, postal code and town) of members are collected to be able to reach the members. Furthermore, the address will be collected to send invitations to alumni for activities that are relevant for them.
  • The telephone number of members are registered to contact members who are for whatever reason unreachable by e-mail or regular mail.
  • The bank account number of members that declare expenses will be registered and stored in the address book of the bank where BeeVee handles their banking affairs to make future declarations easier.
  • Medical data of members (for example allergies or use of certain medicines) can be collected during activities. Think of activities where the organising committee serves dinner beforehand and needs to know if members are allergic to certain substances. Members will be asked to declare these data via e-mail or on a registration form. Within one week after the activity has ended these data will be deleted.
  • Name and picture of a committee from active members of BeeVee will be public on the BeeVee website. We want to give access to pages of committees to upcoming first year students, friends of BeeVee, honorary members, parents of members and other interested people, so that they can get acquainted with the committees of BeeVee. The pictures of committees can also be used as promotion for activities.
  • The Orientation page on the BeeVee site will stay public and on this page the introducing articles, the pictures and names of the mentors will be published. 


Storage of personal information:

The aforementioned personal information will be stored on the secured servers of BeeVee or those of a third party. The information will be stored as long as the member is an alumnus of biologie/biology and an ex-member of BeeVee, unless the member requests the deletion of their personal information. The personal information will also be deleted if a student ends their study biologie/biology prematurely. The personal information of year members will be deleted a year after their membership ends, so that they will have a chance to extend their membership. Exceptions on these storage periods are mentioned above.


Sharing information with third parties

The aforementioned personal information is required to be shared with third parties for certain instances. In all cases, BeeVee ensures that only the necessary data is shared with third parties and always ensures that a data processing agreement is set before sharing data.

For suppliers of study materials, BeeVee has a legitimate interest in sharing data with this third party. BeeVee shares your first and last name, email address, telephone number, address, and financial information with suppliers of books and study materials so you can benefit from the rights that BeeVee makes possible on your behalf with these suppliers. This information can be used to verify that you are a (honorary) member or friend of BeeVee, as well as using personal information to inform members of the website and books.


Changes to the privacy statement:

This privacy statement can be changed with permission of the general meeting of members of BeeVee. You will be notified via e-mail when this privacy statement undergoes any alterations. The permission to collect and process your personal information can be withdrawn at all times, with the exception of information that are covered by artistic of literary freedom (this includes, among other things, photos and videos on the internet or in the Almanak). The privacy statement can be changed during a general meeting of members of BeeVee.

Contact information

Note: you are not required to provide your IBAN. An International Bank Account Number (IBAN) is a bank-code used to identify bank accounts and is mostly used by banks in the European Economic Area (EEA). If you do not have one yet, no worries. This can always be changed or added to your BeeVee profile later. BeeVee will only use you IBAN for refunds and won't ever charge you for anything without your permission.


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