VACUOLES x FYC Living Monopoly

Dear Biologists,

On the 16th of May, VACUOLES and FYC have prepared the annual ''living game'' activity. This year, we are putting a new spin on living Monopoly! With a group of friends, you will be exploring the heart of Nijmegen and trying to outcompete rival teams. Come dressed up as a classic monopoly token (boot, battleship, thimble) that will be assigned to you as a group. Roll the die, play a mini-game and win the street (or end up in jail). At the end, the group with the most streets and cash combined wins.

We’ll meet at Plein 1944 at 18:45. The game will start at 19:00 and the ending is estimated at 22:00, but keep your evening free to be sure.
Sign-up online (for FREE!) in groups of 4 to 5 people.
Be fast as there is a maximum amount of groups that can participate!

We’ll see you on the monopoly board. 💸