aBOSs the border

Join us on Saturday the 1st of June for a magical day in the themepark Toverland. For only €21,- you can have an amazing day with your friends & compete for a prize as BOS is organizing a (not too crazy 😉) magical 44 within Toverland. The ticket sale is from 22/04 to 26/04 during the break in wing 5!

The day begins at 08:20h at the central train station in Nijmegen, from where you can travel together with us to Toverland. Do note that transport costs are not included in the ticket price, but if you do not have a student OV card let us know so we can try to get you a cheaper ticket!

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us by emailing to beevee_bos@science.ru.nl