Dear fellow biologists,

Do you feel like university life could be more exciting? Like you could feel more endangered during lunch break? And constantly targeted by other biologists? If so, VACUOLES invites you to spice things up and join Gotcha! 💥

If you’re not familiar, Gotcha is a live-action game that runs in parallel with your life at university and can last up to several weeks (depending on how well you are able to survive ;) Every participant is given a name and an image of another player – their target. Each participant must find and shoot their target with a (small) water gun while remaining unnoticed by other Gotcha players. Once you eliminate your first target, we give you the target of your victim. Your goal is to avoid elimination and discretely shoot off targets until you're the only one left in the game (natural selection).

Sounds like fun? Sign up online from February 5th till February 16th via this google form.

The game starts on February 19th, when you receive your first target.

May the last-standing biologist win! 🔫😎

Disclaimer: In order to participate with this game you need to be at uni relatively often, because otherwise it is impossible for the other people to hunt you down if you are not.