Venus flytrap

Hiii kiddo’s, If you landed on this page you are very lucky since you are going to be part of the amazing group Venus Flytrapper! A very rare and exotic plant species, much cooler than the other groups such as the roses, tulips or quinoa. You will start of your study biology with an amazing orientation week full of fun activities where you will get to know the beautiful city of Nijmegen and your fellow first year students. We hope that you look at much forward to the orientation as us! Now let us introduce ourselves

Hi I am Machiel, a third year student, twenty years old and specializing in the trajectories of neurobiology and human biology. I am the secretary of our study association BeeVee and can therefore tell you everything you might want to know about our lovely study association. I enjoy going to all the activities that BeeVee organizes, hanging out with friends, enjoying a beverage in the city center, playing the piano and playing game of draughts or chess. Also a fun fact: gluten is my biggest weakness. This does mean however that I can guide and teach you about the most delicious cheap Dutch wines available, a must know for students. Either this, or gluten free beers. Generally I think I can be described as a very calm person, always up for a good talk about politics, classical music or anything along those lines. This might sound like I am a grandpa of some sorts, but I think that you will experience during the week that this is only the case in certain situations. I look forward to guiding you in your first steps of adult life, getting to know you guys and doing all the lovely activities together.

Hello kiddos, my name is Pim and I am a third year student with biology. I have chosen the microbiology trajectory, but I’m still missing my fellow humans so am trying to put in some human biology as well. In contrast to my fellow mom and dad, I am not in the board of BeeVee (kutbestuur). I am however in the most amazing committee of BeeVee: VACUOLES. Only for a few months but I’m already sure it’s the best. You will see me throughout the year at a number of activities by BeeVee but there is also a big chance you will find me at festivals as I do really like a good party. During the day however, I love to drive in circles on my motorcycle as long as the weather is nice. A few years back I also started the study MLS, but the chemistry wasn’t really there for me and biology is the best so here we are. In my last study I have also been an introparent, maybe some of you remember this year as the first year COVID hit. This was a really shitty intro so I am looking forward to making this intro as good as it is supposed to be and have you all enjoy as much as possible. I’m looking forward to meeting you!

Hiii soon to be biologists! I am Marije and I will be the mom of the group (I sometimes really act like the mom of the group). I am also a third year student just like your dads and most interested in the neurobiology and human biology side. Just like Machiel, am I also part of the board of the best study association known as BeeVee. I am the commissioner internal relations and am the contact person between the committees and the board, therefore I can tell you all about the many committees that BeeVee has (we have 14 in total!). Some things about me: I am energetic and a social butterfly (be prepared to have your ears chat off during this week). But I can also be a very good listener and you can always hit me up for a good talk or a shoulder to cry on. I can also be recognized by the fact of my missing backbone, which is one of the reasons you will see me at almost any party or borrel. For the internationals, we will soon teach you all about the Dutch concept called a ‘borrel’. I hope that I can make this week one of the best weeks of your life, I most certainly experienced as one and that you meet great friends with which you can enjoy your student life together (did you know that me, Pim and Machiel were all in the same orientation group, so we are good proof!)