Heyyy lovely intro kiddos, we are the most amazing group of them all: The one and only Tulips 🌷💐❤. Even though these flowers are peak Dutchness, we consist of only one dutchie (Sophie),who’s more American then dutch at this point, and two lovely internationals (Františka and Dániel). We will be the ones to take care of you during the greatest week of your life; don’t worry you’re in good hands :). We certainly know how to party, drink beer and wine or any other form of heavy alcohol and most importantly make great memories to start the year off with. You are free to participate in as many activities as you’d like, nothing is mandatory, and you can always tell us if you have any concerns or if you want to tap out and take a break.It is also completely acceptable to leave intro week early if you no longer feel well or comfortable with the programs are just tired in general.No hard feelings, no repercussion your safety and wellbeing is what matters the most to us.However, more activities means more fun of course, so we will definitely encourage you to join us.Last but not least make sure to have a place to stay and a bike during intro week since it would be really inconvenient for you to commute back and forth.A bike is also crucial since our beautiful Nijmegen is more bike friendly then pedestrian friendly(Long distances,not because the roads are unsafe). Can’t wait to see you there ❤❤ (safe travels to all our little future monocots,while you make your way to the next chapter of your life.)