Hii everybody, my name is Chloë, I will be a fourth-year biologist next year, and I will be one of the sunflower mama’s. Because I am from Brabant, I will provide the amazing Dutch (party) roots in the Sunflower family. In my free time I love to do a lot of sports, play games and drink way too much beer at parties. Furthermore, I am also an active member of ATP, which is the sports committee of our study association; BeeVee. Unfortunately my own orientation was a bit of a bummer during covid and I do not have the full kiddo experience and stories to tell, but that does not stop me from trying my best to make sure you will have the best time possible! I cannot wait to get to know you guys at the end of summer and I hope we will have a fantastic orientation week with you!

Hi there cute seedlings. Let me introduce myself as well: I’m Jens and your only father. Sadly I have to say I’m already starting my 7th year of Biology next year. In the last 6 years I did quite a lot in the study association BeeVee. Been in several committees, the board and most importantly, I was in BOC for two years as well. This means I organized this amazing orientation the last two years! So I’m very sure that together with my lovely wives Lieke and Chloë, we can introduce you to every little aspect of the study as well as the city. But since I did spend more hours in the bars of the city than I did in the lecture rooms, you might want to go to your mothers for study related advice. I was born and raised in a very very small village on the border of Noord-Brabant and Limburg known as Groeningen. I’m still part of a football team there. I would love to say that I also play in that team, but usually I have to settle for the first 90 minutes on the bench. But after, in the third half, I’m mostly the captain and will play for hours at least. Everyone has his own talents, and sports ain’t mine. But I really like to dance, which I also like to see as a sport, so maybe there is more than I thought…

Heyyy there my Sunflower kiddos, or I mean my seedlings, I am Lieke, your Sunflower mommy. Just like your other Sunflower mommy Chloe, I am a fourth year Biology student following the Ecology trajectory or in other words the “green” biology course. I am 22 years old, and I originally come from Roermond, which is a city 95 kilometres (by car) in the south in the most beautiful province of The Netherlands called Limburg. Unfortunately, it’s a killing 1.5 hour traveling time to get home, so luckily, I have a room in Nijmegen for over 3 years now. I am the chair  of the most fun committee called PRAC, the borrelcommittee of Beevee, our study association. Furthermore, I like to spend my weeks doing all kinds of sports, hanging out with friends, and partying a lot of the time. My favourite drinks are triples, but my alcohol tolerance doesn’t allow me to enjoy it as long as I would like to. Currently, I am a proud owner of seven baby plants, but ask me a week later and the number of plants alive will probably be different. So, tips and tricks to maintain my plants are very much welcome.