Hello! I’m Max, I’m Dutch from Maastricht and I’m 19 years old, a second-year biology student. I am one of three metalheads of this group (favourites include Metallica, Dead poets’ society and Slipknot), I make great dad jokes. your mum. I love beer enough to cycle an hour back to Wijchen instead of taking the last train. Also, fish. I’m a member of PRAC a committee that’s in beevee the biology study association, PRAC organizes borrels. I like going out but I’m more than okay going to a pub for a pint. Also fishing. I look forward to going out with you guys and if you spot me doing my signature move (the macarena) feel free to join me!

Hello! I’m Quinn (but you can call me mommy, or Audrey, it’s a long story) and I’m from Lebanon, I’m also 19 and a second-year biology student. I am the third and final metalhead (Primus, Megadeth and Messa) I play a few instruments but mainly the violin, I like to crochet and cook for my friends, especially Lebanese food. Even though I’m the youngest in age, I’m very much the oldest in spirit and body (my joints ache when it rains). I like to go out, but I also enjoy a pint at a pub just like my two other dendrites. I’m excited to see everyone in August and I look forward to meeting all you rosebuds!

Hello I’m Arthur! I’m half Ukranian and half Czech, I’m 20 and also a second-year biologist, I am the second of three metalheads (Slipknot, Trivium and BLACKPINK) of this group and I play bass. I like to lift heavy circles to create serotonin and dopamine in my brain or run up and down a field while getting hit by a ball. I like anime and I read manga but surprisingly enough I do go out, but honestly, I’d rather sit in a pub with a pint. I am also a member of PRAC and if you’re a Tottenham fan, run. I look froward to teaching you our mothers (Lieke) signature move and getting you drinks.