Hello to our sweet, not yet flowered, poppy seeds,
Welcome to the brightest and best family of the Biology orientation 2023: POPPY! We are (top to bottom) Jules, Emma and Julia, and we’re super excited the become your intro parents and to show you all around the wonderful city Nijmegen. We wrote some things about ourselves so you can get an idea of who you’ll be joining for the best week of your entire study! :)

Hello my budding poppies, my name is Jules, I’m a third year master student and I will be one of your mentors this orientation. At the fresh young age of 27 you could say that I’m quite familiar with Nijmegen and its surroundings. I have been coming here since I was 11 years old, so I know al the best places to hang out and have a good time. In my free time I like to play guitar and some lift heavy ass weights. I can't wait to meet you all show you what student life in Nijmegen can be!

Hello my lovely seedlings! My name is Emma and I’m currently a first year master student. At the ripe  age of 25, my leaves have already started to brown a bit, but don't worry, I'm still full of energy! was born in the beautiful province of Brabant, in a small town called Heeze (near Eindhoven). Within BeeVee (our study association), I’m in the photo and film committee DIAFRAGMA. You’ll often see me creeping around with a camera (on activities), especially when I’ve had a few drinks. I absolutely love a good party and tearing up the dance floor. Outside of this, I like to spend quite some time in the gym, but mostly spend my time hanging out with friends and relaxing. I’m also definitely an energetic person, so I’ll be putting all of my energy into making this the best orientation ever!

Hola poppy seeds, I am Julia! I am 22 years and a fourth-year biologist. Four years ago, I decided to leave my beautiful city Arnhem and move very far away (20 km) to study and live in Nijmegen. A choice that so far I have not regretted one bit. When I am not studying (more often than not, to be honest), I like drinking coffee and “borrellen” with friends, traveling, spending money on clothes I don’t need, and getting creative! My creativity I can let out in the amazing committee MOTjE et Al. This is the committee that makes a magazine (a Motje) every few months and the yearly Almanac for BeeVee! When the time comes and I actually end op studying, I mostly focus on medical biology and you might even see me later in the year assisting some courses! I’m really excited to meet all my new kiddos, and I hope I can get you just as excited about Nijmegen as I am. :)