Hello and welcome to the Orchids group!! We are Camila, Niels and Alba. The three of us will be your mentors (intro parents) during this amazing first week, which means we will be guiding you and your fellow ‘orchiddos’ (orchid kiddos) through a wonderful orientation week! We are very excited to meet you all, but before that we would like to introduce ourselves to you :)

Hallo lieve mensen, my name is Niels and I am 20 years old. I love to welcome you to my lovely hometown of Nijmegen. So I will most likely be your guide while sober or when you went a bit too hard during one of the parties. Further I like to listen to music (mostly metal), which also means that I blow my life savings on concerts and records :’). Other than that I like to take pictures (I am in Diafragma). I am also a huge movie geek 🤓. Of course I also like to drink obscene amounts of alcohol and party. I’d like to finish by saying that I am very excited to meet you all and make it a once in a lifetime experience for you all :)

Heyy, this is Cami!! I’m a second year biology student and I will be your future intromommy! I’m 19 years old, and I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I like listening to music, especially argentinian rock (and occasionally the tangled soundtrack). I like to explore the city and find new cool places to have a drink with my friends. Going out and having fun is also a must for me. I tend to be the mediator between Alba and Niels’ bullshit so they don’t endanger anyone or themselves. I’m very excited to meet you and to have a great orientation week!

Holaaa, I'm Alba, your future intromami from Barcelona! I’m a second year bio student and this will be the first time I'm gonna be an intromami. No worries tho, I learned from my own intro week how people party in the Netherlands, and I’m ready to pass down this experience. In my free time I like playing football and I’m a big Barça fan. Following more spanish stereotypes, I usually listen to spanish rap, or reggaeton when I wanna get hyped. To check another box, I need my daily nap time in order to function as a human being.  Finally, I promised I would outdrink Niels at every single party (may or may not become a problem). I’m really excited to meet you all! I’m sure we will have a great time :) 

The three of us are eager to meet you all this August. We hope you are excited to enter this new chapter of your life, and ready to experience one of the best weeks of your studies! See you in a bit, Orchids :)