Hello our lovely intro kiddos!!! This year’s theme is plants and we are the greatest flower NARCISSUS! We are Baer, Lara and Selin and we will be your intro parents for this amazing week. We will help you prepare for the start of your study and all that come with it. Let’s start with our Narcissus dad Baer (19). He is our lovely Dutchie and he is from Belfeld, a village below Venlo, but he lives in Nijmegen now. He is a second year biology student and loves arm wrestling, goes to the gym, and he enjoys green biology. He is the best at chugging a beer. So, if you want to challenge him, go ahead!

Next up, we have our lovely intro mommy Selin (19). Selin is from Turkey but she lives in Nijmegen now. She is a party girl that also takes her study very seriously. She is a second year biology student and interested in medical biology. She likes to get drunk, which goes hand in hand with her motto: Fuck around and find out!

And last but not least we have our second intro mommy Lara (19). Lara is the best of the both worlds as she is both Dutch and Turkish. She is also a second year biology student and interested in green biology. She is the most caring one in the group, so if you have any problems you can reach out to her. If you are looking for her, make sure to check the biologist parties on Thursday evenings.

We can’t wait to meet you all at the start of the orientation week. We will guide you towards a new chapter in your life. It will be a week full of fun and parties, so we hope to see you all soon and enjoy the best week of your uni life all together!!!