Hello little marigold seeds!! It’s almost time to sprout and become one of our little marigold babies during the amazing orientation week of 2023!! We are Noémie, Jesse and Martin and we will show you the ins and outs of Nijmegen during this week, as well as what it’s like to be a biology student. Get ready for a week full of excitement and having fun with your fellow first years! But first, let’s introduce ourselves.

AHOOOOJ! My name is Martin and I am one of your two Marigold daddies. I come from the beautiful, mountain-filled country of Slovakia. You might recognize me by my semi-long blonde hair (Fun fact: just got a haircut a few days before the picture was taken), round glasses, and of course vibrant shoes (if they happen to be in the picture). I am super excited to get to know you all and to have an amazing week together! I am quite a social person so I usually spend a lot of time at campus pretending to work until late hours but to be honest a lot of that time I'm just procrastinating and talking to my friends. One of my passions is longboarding, especially when it's sunny. It doesn’t always end up good for me so therefore if I turn up with scarred hands or a broken knee you know why👀 I am also a hobby fencer (the sport not building fences) altho I was never too good at it thus no professional :( Naturally, I love spending time with my friends doing all sorts of stuff and am an active member of our biologist study association BeeVee (don't worry you will hear all about it during the Orientation) where I am usually taking pictures during all of the amazing activities that happen throughout the year. I love to be creative and therefore together with other biologists I work on our wonderful Biologists magazine the MOTjE where we let our creativity flow and the best of it is you get it for free. What a steal. But of course one of my biggest passions that we likely share is … drums please … BIOLOGY. For me specifically green biology and even more specifically Ecology and Physiology of Plants and Animals! So if you ever feel like talking about nature, plants, and whatnot you are at the right address ;)

Heyo! My name is Noémie, and I am your Marigold mommy.  I'm a second-year biologist from Nijmegen, a true dutchie. I'm 20 years old and I love dancing (either in the club or during dancing class), hanging out with friends, reading and I really like playing games. I'm an active member of BeeVee and a member of the amazing game and excursion-committee VACUOLES!! I really like medical biology, although I love nature as well and all its fascinations. I’m happiest when the sun is shining while having a nice picnic in the park or while having a drink outside on a terrace (or as dutchies call it: terrasje pakken). I have been a mentor last year as well, and after being a Kingfisher-mommy I'm really looking forward to being a Marigold parent. It's going to be an amazing week full of fun activities to get to know your fellow students better, play games, party, but overall just to have lots of fun! I am always there to talk to if you want, whether it is about the study, something personal or just anything for that matter as I can be a good listener and love chatting.

Hiya, last but not least (I hope), I’m Jesse, your other Marigold daddy, and I’m old. Though there is more than enough energy to have an amazing week with YOU! I come from the Netherlands, from a beautiful place called the ‘Achterhoek’ (literal translation ‘Behind corner’). I’m 23 years old and I love sports! I have started doing survival runs since September 2022, and I already participate in competitions. If you would ever spectate at a run please cheer me on because I need it... 
I also have some amateur skills in tennis and volleyball which will surely be used during most sunny days. I also play the guitar, so after sitting down we can make campfires and sing the night awaaaayyy🎵. I like to play goldie oldies like CCR or dire straits, but modern music like Passenger or Mumford & Sons are also right up my alley! If you have any recommendations feel free to tell me ;) One of my favorite things to pass my time with is of course biology! I really like medical biology. Everything about the immune system, embryo development or the inner working of the brain are interesting topics in my opinion. And if i'm ever finished with studying how humans function, I’ll just go to the activities of Beevee and enjoy the evening with lots of beautiful people! I’m super excited to meet all of you and to create an unforgettable experience. Till then, eat well, stay hydrated and stay safe, much love <3, Jesse

We will make sure this year’s orientation is going to be a week you&#39;ll never forget, and we
hope you are as excited as we are. Lots of hugs and kisses from your Marigold parents,

Martin, Noémie and Jesse