RAG Pancake Run

Registrations Pancake Run Have Opened!
The registrations for the Pancake Run have now opened!! 🥞🏃
Register your team with one of the first two links.🫱🏼‍🫲🏼
If you want to volunteer to help out, join our groupchat with the third link. 🫶🏼

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RAG Pancake Run 
April 23
17:15 - 18:45

On April 23 the RAG Pancake Run takes place!  A faculty wide activity organised to raise money for the RAGweek! 

Register in a team of three , collect sponsors in the weeks leading up to the event , and eat (and run) as much as you can on April 23!! 

Registrations open on April 2.

7 steps for everything you need to know!

Step 1) Sign up in a team of three! Registration opens on April 2nd in Google Forms and LimeSurvey!

Step 2) After signing up, please each collect a sponsor sheet at one of the beta-associations' board rooms.

Step 3) Your team has until april 23rd to collect as many sponsors as you can!

Step 4) On April 23rd, before we begin, your team hands in their sponsor sheets and pays the €2,- p.p. registration fee.

Step 5) During the pancake run there are two pancake stations!
Your team will take turns eating a pancake and running circa 100 meters for 30 minutes. (or until you're full.)

Step 6) After the Pancake Run a winner is revealed, and all teams get two weeks time to go and collect the money from their sponsors!

Step 7) After those two weeks we will reach out to your team, to collect the money you raised for the RAGweek's charities!!

Do you want to participate, but are you vegan / lactose intolerant? Do you not feel like participating, but would you like to volunteer at one of the pancake stations? Or do you have any other questions? Feel free to reach out to Luuk Crijns at +31 6 39385154 or comm.intern@desda.org