Lunch Lecture

Lunch Lecture
Location:  HG00.303
Date:  Thursday, October 13, 2022 12:30 until 13:30

On Thursday, 13th October in the break our first Lunch Lecture of this year takes place! The lecture takes place in HG00.303 and walk in is at 12:30. The lecture will be given by Naomi Nota of the Donders Institute and will be about “Talking faces: The contribution of conversational facial signals in language processing”. A short abstract of the Lecture can be found below. For only €2,- we will provide you with some delicious sandwiches for lunch and there will also be free coffee and tea.
Please bring the €2,- in cash to the activity and remember to bring your own mug for hot beverages, because we want to be sustainable!
You can sign up via the Website. Deadline to sign up for Lunch is Wednesday, 12th October at 16:00. If you don't want to order lunch, you can just walk in on the day itself without signing up.
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at

Talking faces: The contribution of conversational facial signals in language processing
Human communication critically rests on inferring the speaker’s communicative intent. In conversation, the most natural environment of language use, this has to happen extremely quickly, due to the fast-paced nature of speaking turn transitions. It is therefore essential to quickly understand the intended message to be able to plan a timely response. Since human face-to-face communication is inherently multimodal (consisting of speech along with visual signals), one hypothesis is that visual signals facilitate fast intent recognition. During this lecture, I will present results from research that aimed to study the contribution of visual signals of the face in language processing using corpus analyses and an experimental paradigm with VR. These results will hopefully convince you that conversational facial signals form a critical part of human communication.