Charity Auction

Charity Auction
Location:  Discord
Date:  Wednesday, December 15, 2021 20:00 until 23:00

On December 15th there will be an online auction to raise money for our charity: United for All.

Not only will you be able to buy some awesome products and services, all of the profits go to the charity, so your money will be very well-spent. To make this even more interesting, there will be compensatory actions by the board when certain amounts of money are raised!

You are welcome at 20:00 , and the auction will start at 20:30 . There will be a channel on the BeeVee Discord server where the auction will be hosted. To join the BeeVee discord, follow the steps!


Make a bid and the following items might become yours!

Round Items
1 borrel package
  WD40 clock
  Flunkeyball with the board
2 Plant cuttings box 1
  1/2 page in a motje
  Hamman rituals set for man
3 Make over by Kirsten de Laat
  borrel package
  Dekker vd Vegt book vouchen (15.-)
4 Salt crystal candle holder
  Home baked cookies
  Cantus organised
5 Self made socks
  Craft beer for two
6 Plant cuttings box 2
  Suprise box
  Beer Yoga Workshop by Angeliki
7 1/2 page in a motje
  borrel package
  Electric gitar
8 Self made plant pots by Imke
  Butterfly from the museumstore
  Make over by Kirsten de Laat
9 Plant cuttings box 3
  borrel package
  Orientation goodybags
10 Bob ross workshop
  Ice delivery
  2 cook books
11 borrel package
  Selfcare package
  DIAFRAGMA photoshoot
12 Rag week kalender
  Home made cake by Nienke & Anne
  Board does your dishes