Gotcha is on again, Happy hunting everyone! This page will be used to update you on the current Gotcha standings.

The evening before the start of Gotcha you will receive an email with your target information. Check your e-mail for more information, if you have any questions you can send an e-mail to VACUOLES

Most important rules of the game:

  • You're not allowed to trade targets with somebody else, as this will break the circle.
  • You have to hit your TARGET on an uncovered body part to kill him/her.
  • The only murder weapon allowed in the game is a water gun (filled with water). Bottles of water or any other water-containing unit is not allowed.
  • Killing someone is restricted: You are not allowed to kill someone in the lecture halls, labs, terminal rooms and the BeeVee-canteen (North Canteen). In those areas all shots are invalid, even if only 1 of the 2 (KILLER and TARGET) is in one of those areas.
  • If your TARGET is present under the roof of the Huygens or Linnaeus Building (so the bicycle shack as well), this person can only be killed if there are no other living Gotcha players present who can see you. If your TARGET is outside of the Huygens building/Linnaeus building/bike shack, you are free to kill them except when they use an ESCAPE.
  • On several days you are able to use an ESCAPE. This is an object, piece of clothing or action which makes sure you're IMMUNE to attacks on that day. If you choose to use an escape (which most likely reveals that you're part of this year's Gotcha) you must keep in mind that ESCAPES SHOULD BE VISIBLE AT ALL TIMES.
  • The organization is always right!

If you decide that you don't want to continue playing, let the organization know!

If you have killed someone or have been killed yourself, make this known to the organization asap by sending an email!


Activity Date Escape

Iconic combinations party by FC


Come wearing an iconic combination from an animation movie



Wear green!

Pretty in Pastel Themed Bioevening


Wear something neon

Ooijpolder Bird Excursion


Walk around with a supermarket bag

Hall of shame 2024

Sterre D.                20-02
Mike D.                  20-02
Marijn P.                20-02
Edyta K.                21-02
Fardo K.                22-02
Noah T.                 22-02
Fernanda O.         22-02
Allart de K.            22-02
Benthe H.             23-02
Jesse van L.         23-02
Michiel van S.       23-02
Lara D.                  23-02
Ari W.                    24-02
Jochem D.            26-02
Max C.                  26-02
Niels J.                 26-02
Jasper van B.       26-02
Sophie H.             26-02
Connor L.             26-02
Eline B.                27-02
Hajo E.                 27-02
Anna V.                27-02
Jari S.                  27-02
Hazal D.              28-02
Jort R.                  28-02
Tessa D.              28-02
Sverre C.             29-02

Hall of fame over the past years

Gotcha 2022: Jasper van Boxtel
Gotcha 2020: Emma Stroucken
Gotcha 2018: Sjoerd Jacobs
Gotcha 2017: Daan Rutten
Gotcha 2016: Branco Heuts
Gotcha 2015: Constant Swinkels
Gotcha 2014/2013/2012: Michelle Lampe